Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog Special - Vlor!

Time for another random blog-only super special deal. Order the Vlor "A Fire Is Meant For Burning" cd from our website and get it for $6 off the usual price. Yes, this is because we still have extra copies of it, which is because we didn't sell as many as we thought we would when we listed it in January 2007, and we don't know why... We ordered a bunch back then 'cause we thought it was a pretty cool album. So, because it was under-appreciated back then, you get a deal on it now.

So, if you want one, just put BLOG SPECIAL: VLOR $6 OFF in the comments field of your order and we'll sell it to you for just $8.98. While supplies last, of course - we don't have that many.

Here's our review:
Vlor? The name sounds like this should be some sort of obscure black metal band. Or maybe an alien race from a sci-fi TV show. But Vlor is actually a band, or project really, devoted to making lovely layered shoegazing guitar sonics in a minimal, post-rock style, a bit like Windsor For The Derby, or maybe old AQ faves Codeine (like an intro to one of their songs though, before it really kicks in with drums n' all). One guy, Brian J. Mitchell, seems to be the instigator here, playing on all the tracks, joined by various other friendly collaborating guitarists over the course of the album, including members of Remora, Aarktica, Lycia, Rivulets, and Jessica Bailiff (who also contributes some breathy vocals to the very short "Suncatcher", an anomaly on this otherwise instrumental album). Many of the tracks are trembling, mellow and quite pleasant, with some (like "Wires") getting a bit more menacing, with th' distortion factor upped... A good blend of the repetitive, experimental and the almost indie-pop, in the realm of guitar explorations. Quite Nice!

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