Friday, February 27, 2009

Nitsch niche

This just in, from Vinyl-On-Demand:

Hermann Nitsch "Die Geburt des Dionysos Christos" 3lp wooden box $155

We have two (2) copies of this limited edition item in stock, & don't expect to get any more. Maybe it'll be reviewed on next week's list... if we still have one.

This is the blurb from VOD about it:
"VOD is very proud and honoured about this release. Excellent minimal and drone recording of Hermann Nitsch performed on the Brucknerorgel linz as well as at the Organ at his private Castle in Prinzendorf at the Zaya, Austria, both in 1986. The original has been released on edition hundertmark in a strictly limition edition (200 copies), absolut famous recording."

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