Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Arrivals list #309

Happy New Year! Our first list of 2009 is now up on the site here and possibly in your email inbox too.

Records Of This Week are:
Stars Of The Lid "Music For Nitrous Oxide" (Sedimental) cd $14.98
One of the great bands that got the whole "drone" thing rolling back in the '90s, before, y'know, your best friend and your little sister had their own drone bands. This is their wonderful debut record of slo-mo ambient bliss from '95, finally at last reissued!
The Telescopes "Singles Compilation 1989-1991" (Mind Expansion) cd $15.98
A new disc collecting all the singles A's and B's circa 1989-'91 by British heavy psych shoegazing garage rock outfit The Telescopes. Essential stuff for everybody who freaked out over those Loop reissues we made Records Of The Week so recently!! If you're gonna get just one Telescopes disc, this would be it.

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