Friday, August 1, 2008

We're blogging now...

Greetings! Thought we'd start an AQ-records blog, or even a couple of 'em (Andee's also doing one all himself at As if doing our email update/website bizness every two weeks wasn't enough! Now you can check here daily (ha) and see what's happenin'. Hopefully. If we stay on it that is. We'll post about cool stuff that just came in, what to look for on the next list, things going on in the store and in the Mission, whatever. We'll try to figure out a way to let you click and order stuff we might mention here, but of course (until that happens, and after) you should just go to our regular website,, to order and read about all the crazy music we're selling! So, this is in 'beta' stage as it were, we'll experiment with the blogging and see how it goes. Thanks for reading! (And commenting, if/when you do). -Allan/AQ

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